Who we are

Headquartered in Chicago, Zeller owns and operates assets in Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin, and we continue to grow and expand our holdings nationally. Since our founding, Zeller has delivered results for our partners and investors by providing best-in-class service and innovative solutions. Currently, Zeller owns and operates a portfolio of nearly 10.2 million square feet valued at $2.9 billion.

Insight to value

Zeller’s business model was created on the belief that it is not how many buildings are in our portfolio, but the value we create by delivering exceptional spaces and collaborative environments to the tenants and communities in which we operate.  Zeller is committed to developing a unique, community-oriented experience within each building, investing both capital and personnel to offer cutting-edge facilities, hospitality-inspired services, five-star amenities and communal activities.  This approach promotes not only connecting tenants with one another but also to the surrounding neighborhood. As the owner and operator of these buildings, Zeller has a vested interest in the success of our investors, tenants and the communities we serve.

Our divisions

The secret to our success is collaboration at the top level and knowledgeable, hands-on engagement at each property across all Zeller divisions.

Realty Corporation
Zeller Realty Corporation is responsible for sourcing and evaluating potential investments, executing acquisitions, overseeing the active portfolio and evaluating and executing property dispositions.
Zeller Investment Corporation
Zeller Investment Corporation leads Zeller in its capital formation, investment and capital markets efforts to achieve the optimal financial structure for a given venture.
Zeller Development Corporation
Zeller Development Corporation is the development and construction arm of Zeller, providing new construction, due diligence, renovation, and tenant development services for the Zeller portfolio.
Zeller Management Corporation
Zeller Management Corporation provides property management and leasing services to the assets in the portfolio as well as to third party owners.

Realty Corporation

Capital Formation and Asset Management

Zeller Realty Corporation works in tandem with Zeller Management Corporation for property management and leasing services, Zeller Investment Corporation for debt placement and institutional capital and Zeller Development Corporation for construction, renovation and development services. The secret to our success is collaboration at the top level and knowledgeable, hands-on detail at each property.

Zeller Investment Corporation

Acquisition and Investment

Zeller Investment Corporation (ZIC) capital allocation discipline begins with the initial screening of a potential acquisition and is completed after the ultimate disposition of an asset, once the physical and capital plans have been achieved, to provide the best result for Zeller and its partners.   This ongoing examination and adjustment to capital structure is increasingly critical to achieve the successful operations and highest possible return over an investment’s life cycle.

In Zeller’s owner-operator model, it is increasingly relevant to employ a disciplined method to its investment decisions to best serve its equity and partners’ interests.  Zeller Investment Corporation has prudently deployed capital during favorable market conditions through multiple market cycles since 1988, resulting in exceptional returns on investments in all property sectors, while avoiding unfavorable market cycles.

Zeller Development Corporation

Development and Construction

Zeller Development Corporation (ZDC) manages the pre-construction and permitting process, including governmental approvals and agreements, tax incentives, landmark or other historical designations, and budgeting.  ZDC oversees the construction process using internal project managers to enhance value and design while keeping costs down.

ZDC project managers have a wide range of experience, from urban multi-use high rises to suburban industrial parks, including expertise in office, retail, hotel, apartments, condominiums, parking structures, restaurant and entertainment facilities, medical, industrial and land development. ZDC is vertically integrated, monitoring all aspects of the construction process with our highly experienced internal project managers.

Zeller Management Corporation

Property Management and Leasing

Zeller Management Corporation (ZMC) combines experienced property managers, a broad knowledge of local market conditions, effective transactional execution and premium service delivery. ZMC delivers best-in-class property management and leasing services to owners and tenants, as proven by strong financial performance and industry-leading tenant satisfaction ratings.  Most of our tenured professionals have an ownership interest in our properties.


ZMC professionals do not act as third-party managers—they are owners in an environment that encourages autonomy. Our team combines local expertise from seasoned professionals, superior market research and projections, and the nimble response fostered by our entrepreneurial corporate culture. This personal interest ensures the superior results for which Zeller has become known.

Curating Communities

Zeller’s success is attributed to our platform of giving back to the communities and encouraging volunteerism at every level.  Our culture of giving back, with activities such as packaging dry goods at the Greater Chicago Food Depository, raising money and participating in the American Heart Association Heart Walk, volunteering at the soup kitchens throughout our communities, making charitable donations to Children’s Hospitals, and building houses for Habitat for Humanity, permeate into our employees lives and help influence others to positively impact society.  Team building groups of employees have gathered to deliver food to the homeless, provide tutoring services to underprivileged children, and volunteer at pet adoption centers.  In addition, many of our properties throughout our portfolio support drives and initiatives that encourage tenant participation and giving back to the community.

Zeller employees take pride in having a culture of giving back.

Bob Six CEO


Zeller is committed to providing environmentally and socially responsible properties. We are proud to manage over ten million square feet of Class A office space—86% of which has achieved LEED Certification.  A majority of our properties have achieved the BOMA 360 Performance Program Designation, are Energy Star Rated, and have been recipients of Retrofit Chicago awards.  Almost all of the buildings in our portfolio have been retrofitted for greater water efficiency, optimized or updated for increased energy savings, and have implemented comprehensive recycling programs.

Encouraging Wellness

Zeller understands employees enjoy a life outside of the four walls of our buildings.  Employees are encouraged to better their mind and health with programs such as free 24/7 access to mental health coaches, fitness programs sponsored by Zeller, onsite yoga, Yellow Tractor garden harvesting and fitness centers in our buildings.  Zeller has a committee dedicated to providing our employees programs for healthy eating, fitness challenges, health screenings, and stress management.

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