Preserve Your Wellness

Woodfield Preserve is committed to fully integrating the six dimensions of wellness into the overall workday experience.  A supportive work environment, where wellness is a key focus, keeps employees motivated, engaged, and more productive.  Woodfield Preserve focuses on the importance of emotional, physical, occupational, intellectual, environmental and social wellness supporting a healthier and happier work culture.

Physical & Emotional Wellness

Positive physical and mental health allow employees to realize their full potential, work productively and contribute to their workplace culture.  Woodfield Preserves optimizes physical and emotional wellbeing offering courtyard yoga classes, indoor yoga and meditation classes, two full-service fitness centers, healthy dining options and community gardening providing tenant with fresh produce throughout the summer/fall seasons.


Occupational & Intellectual Wellness

Occupational and intellectual wellness stimulate employees to engage meaningfully at work and focus on continual learning with intellectual stimulation.  At Woodfield Preserve, full height, floor to ceiling windows provide unmatched natural light, boosting tenant’s moods resulting in greater collaboration and productivity.  The courtyard is Wi-Fi enabled allowing tenants to work and host meetings outdoors.  Woodfield Preserve contains an 11” raised flooring system throughout the building offering improved air quality, individualized employee temperature control of their personal space, and 100% airflow efficiency.

Environmental & Social Wellness

Environmental and social wellness promote interaction with nature, creating an enjoyable personal environment (both in and out of the workspace) while engaging and developing strong relationships with co-workers and colleagues.  Situated directly across the Ned Brown Forest Preserve, Woodfield Preserve provides a tranquil environment with serene forest views from the full height windows.  Tenants can enjoy everything the forest preserve offers such as walking trails, bike paths, kayaking and fishing.  Woodfield Preserves hosts a variety of social events to reconnect with colleagues such as outdoor game tournaments, summer concerts on the courtyard, Yellow Tractor gardening, and painting classes.


Committed to Health & Safety

Woodfield Preserve is more than a workplace.  It is an environment where health and safety are the top priority.  In 2021, Woodfield Preserve obtained the Well Health-Safety Rating, committing to providing tenants a healthy environment where cleaning procedures, proper ventilation, high-quality water, and safety procedures are key components to the workplace environment.  Woodfield Preserve is also Energy Star Certified and was awarded the Kingsley Excellence Tenant Satisfaction Award in 2020.